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Mr. Tears is a true Gentleman with vast knowledge of criminals law and great understanding the court system. I have used Mr. Tears services several times first time in 1998 and most recently in 2020 and referred his services to several of my friends and everyone agrees he treated his clients with dignity and respect.

Fred Highland

There are hundreds of DUI lawyers out there, and I’m sure there’s are a few that know how to win, but I don’t think all attorneys have the legal experience and relentless compassion, followed up by the genuine care that Attorney Tom Tears has proven to me as a client.

Joel Villarreal

When I found myself in need of a lawyer I was completely lost as to where to start. Especially since I needed one located in California. I live in Texas. I called the first 7 lawyers listed in the Yellow Pages online. Only one called me back. And unfortunately he was retired but his ad was still being posted. He recommended his colleague and friend of 30 years, Thomas Tears. By shear happenstance I was able to find the best lawyer, person, confident and what I now consider a friend. The integrity of this man is unmatched. I never felt like he wasn’t completely devoted to my case and my well being. He truly cares about his clients and his willingness to work with me in regards to paying out the fees was amazing. I do not believe I could have found another like him. My gratitude is immeasurable. Thank you Tom for everything.

Lynne Porter

Thomas Tears is as good a defense attorney as you can have. He will use his experience, insider knowledge and tenacity to fight for your rights and let me add that he is very creative. He saved the day for me.

Brandon Rosenberg

I would like to thank Thomas Tears for helping me with my case for an affordable price. He is very professional and a good attorney to have by your side. Highly recommend!

Justice Hughes

I would like to thank Attorney Mr. Thomas Tears, for truly caring about my case. Mr. Tears went above and beyond to ensure that I got a great deal on my very serious case. I would highly recommend him to everyone!!!

Henry Escobar

My tears is one of the best lawyers I’ve had. I hope to not get in trouble again but worst case scenario Thomas tears is the guy to go to.

Kike Nnbs

Phenomenal attorney; I’ve referred numerous friends, all of which received minimal sentences and were truly grateful for his services.

Alireza Madi

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