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    • $14,000 NSF Check on a Vehicle Sale Where Client Obtained Vehicle Case Dismissed.

    • $35,000 Theft from Employer Reduced to misdemeanor. No jail.

      Reduced to misdemeanor. No jail. Restitution argued and reduced to $9,000, thereby saving the client $26,000 in restitution.

    • 3rd & 4th Probation Violation Client received credit for time served.

      Repeat probation violation of an original domestic violence case. Client facing state prison.

    • Bench Warrant Issued on Drug Charges Probation violation dismissed.

      After hearing bench warrant recalled.

    • Disobeying Domestic Violence Not Guilty.

      Restraining Order.

    • Domestic Violence Case Case Dismissed.

      Set for jury trial.

    • DUI .12.13 Accident Reduced to reckless driving.
    • Felony Assault with a Deadly Weapon (Vehicle) No jail, small fine.

      Case reduced to misdemeanor.

    • Felony Domestic Violence Serious Injury No Jail.

      Bail reduced from $250,000 to $20,000, ultimately saving the client $23,000 in bail premium. Case reduced to misdemeanor disturbing the peace.

    • Felony DUI Facing 6 years in State Prison Was released in 45 days

      Received 6 months sentence.

    • Felony Stalking & Vandalism, 9 Counts No jail, restitution.

      Plea to misdemeanor disturbing the peace.

    • Forcible Rape Sodomy, Felony Domestic Violence, Felony False Imprisonment, Assault with Intent to Commit Mayhem No jail, no sex offender registration.

      (Plea entered with another attorney for a state prison commitment on all counts with sex offender registration.) Motion to withdraw plea, habeas corpus won disposition: plea to a misdemeanor.

    • Grand Theft Auto Reduced to misdemeanor and $140.00 fine.
    • Judicial Forcible Rape Reduced to misdemeanor and dismissed.
    • Major Fraud Case Embezzlement of Company Funds Case dismissed.
    • Three Strikes "Gang" Case, Assault with a Deadly Weapon Client received credit for time served.

      Client facing 35 years to life. Case reduced to minimum sentence.