Possession with Intent to Sell

Drug Possession for Sale Charges

Let a Santa Ana criminal attorney fight your possession with intent charges!

There is a distinct difference between simple drug possession and drug possession with the intent to sell or distribute. These are two separate criminal offenses, with possession for sale charges the more serious of the two. A simple drug possession charge will usually allow the defendant to qualify for drug diversion or another form of alternative sentencing.

This is not so with possession with intent or other more serious drug charges, even for first-time offenders. A defendant may find him or herself facing possession with intent to sell charges if law enforcement finds a large amount of drugs on his or her property, or if other evidence is discovered that may indicate intent to sell or distribute the drugs: measuring scales, client lists, large amounts of cash, baggies, or other drugs sales paraphernalia.

If you are facing criminal charges for drug possession with the intent to distribute, it is important to contact a Santa Ana criminal defense attorney at our law firm as soon as you can. You may be at risk of facing serious penalties if you are convicted; you will need the best defense counsel you can get to fight aggressively for you on felony drug charges.

Criminal Lawyer for Santa Ana Drug Crimes

At Thomas Tears, Attorney at Law, we represent clients in Santa Ana and throughout the surrounding communities who are facing possession with intent or possession for sale charges. Although these cases may be difficult, we may be able to successfully argue that the prosecution's evidence that allegedly indicates the intent to sell/distribute is insufficient to secure a conviction. As the burden of proof lies with the prosecutor, we find every opportunity to find room for reasonable doubt. We can also evaluate whether your rights were violated, or if there were other errors in police or lab procedures. Make an appointment with our firm today!