White Collar

Santa Ana White Collar Attorney

Types of White Collar Crimes

White collar crimes are non-violent, economic crimes that are usually committed by individuals in business or in positions in which they have access to financial information or direct access to funds. A Santa Ana criminal attorney from Thomas Tears, Attorney at Law can help you immediately if you are facing allegations or charges of a white collar offense. These types of criminal offenses usually are characterized by the intent to deceive or conceal the activities often involve betrayal of trust. The types of situations that are covered under the broad definition of "white collar crimes" include the following:

Penalties for Economic Crimes

Depending on whether the crime you allegedly committed is on the state or federal level, you will be charged accordingly. For example, mail fraud which crosses state lines or involves the USPS (United States Postal Service) or other interstate transfer of information, would be considered a federal crime and you would be charged in a federal court. The procedures in federal courts are somewhat different and far stricter than state court procedures. Your best chance at defense against such charges would be to hire a criminal defense lawyer with experience in federal court. Call Thomas Tears, Attorney at Law to learn about our experience and how we can defend you from both state and federal white collar charges.

At Thomas Tears, Attorney at Law, our founding attorney has represented individuals charged with all types of white collar crimes throughout the state of California and has done so for over 30 years. Our firm has the experience and legal know-how to determine the best strategy for your defense. Our ultimate goal is to have your charges reduced, or dismissed altogether when possible, and we will fight for you throughout every part of the criminal justice process.

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Santa Ana

White collar crimes can either be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony, depending upon the circumstances involved. As "wobblers," these charges are best handled by a lawyer who has successfully defended both misdemeanor and felony charges, such as Attorney Thomas Tears. At Thomas Tears, Attorney at Law, we will work with you to investigate your charges and determine what the best type of defense is for your case. Whether we need to have a professional investigate financial records, or take other action valuable to your case, your attorney can arrange for every necessary type of research and investigation.

If you have been charged with any type of white collar crime, you need to speak with a Santa Ana criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. White collar crimes convictions involve steep fines, possible restitution, jail or prison time, and loss of reputation. You will never be able to achieve the level of trust and responsibility that you had before your conviction, making it extremely difficult to thrive in your chosen career. If your freedom is important to you, you need to speak with a Santa Ana criminal lawyer who will fight for your liberty and uphold your legal rights. Contact us today!