Case Results

Case Results

Felony Assault with a Deadly Weapon (vehicle)

Case reduced to misdemeanor. No jail, small fine.

$35,000 theft from employer

Reduced to misdemeanor. No jail. Restitution argued and reduced to $9,000, thereby saving the client $26,000 in restitution.

Felony Stalking & Vandalism, 9 Counts

Plea to misdemeanor disturbing the peace. No jail, restitution.

Felony Domestic Violence Serious Injury

Bail reduced from $250,000 to $20,000, ultimately saving the client $23,000 in bail premium. Case reduced to misdemeanor disturbing the peace. No jail.

$14,000 NSF check on a vehicle sale where client obtained vehicle

Case dismissed.

Three Strikes "Gang" Case, Assault with a Deadly Weapo

Client facing 35 years to life. Case reduced to minimum sentence. Client received credit for time served.

3rd & 4th Probation Violation

Repeat probation violation of an original domestic violence case. Client facing state prison. Client received credit for time served.

Forcible rape sodomy, felony domestic violence, felony false imprisonment, assault with intent to commit mayhem

(Plea entered with another attorney for a state prison commitment on all counts with sex offender registration.) Motion to withdraw plea, habeas corpus won disposition: plea to a misdemeanor. No jail, no sex offender registration.

Domestic Violence Case

Set for jury trial – case dismissed.

Disobeying Domestic Violence

Restraining Order. After hearing found not guilty.

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